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So what worth does your Government place on the health and nicely being of their residents? It appears not almost the worth they place on from big contributors and pals in world huge corporate cartel community. Vienna, Austria, at the 8th World Congress of Biological Psychiatry. But packets White distributed to information organizations, Congress and the White House have been acknowledged only by First Lady Michelle Obama, who forwarded hers to the VA, and Sen. Johnson & Johnson – How much for tainted kids medicines & ache relievers whereas lying to the FDA & Congress? Every main company promoting the medication – Bristol-Myers Squibb, Eli Lilly, Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson – has both settled current government cases for a whole bunch of tens of millions of dollars or is presently below investigation for potential health care fraud. This while they proceed profiteering at the tune of a estimated 5 billions dollars a 12 months from a drug that has proven to damage and kill patients that ingest it. Psychiatrist Charles Schulz MD–who received hundreds of hundreds of dollars as a paid consultant to AstraZeneca and Eli Lilly–presented a report at the APA assembly that he said was primarily based on his evaluation of 1,800 patients in 4 separate trials.

American Psychiatric Association’s March 2009 Observe Guideline for the Treatment of Patients with Acute Stress Disorder and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. This has been around for some time while completely nothing appears to have been finished except the increased dosing of our veterans with anti-psychotic drugs for off label makes use of resulting in more needless and tragic deaths. Based on firm e-mails unsealed in civil lawsuits, AstraZeneca “buried” – a manager’s time period – a 1997 examine exhibiting that customers of Seroquel, then a new antipsychotic, gained 11 pounds a yr, while the company publicized a examine that asserted they lost weight. SSGT (Ret) Tom Vande Burgt’s Army National Guard firm was stationed outdoors Baghdad at the identical time that Eric and Janette Layne were serving, in 2004 and 2005, however his story has a happier ending. However, I do know that inside AstraZeneca documents show that the company had information which indicated that the primary-era antipsychotic drug haloperidol worked higher than Seroquel on measures of schizophrenia symptoms.

Again, that’s a bit of scary for me as a client, one can solely hope that in case you ever need remedy in your first episode, you better hope that your “clinician” reads all the current first episode information. Seroquel is a good antipsychotic however no higher than the others. Final yr, London-based mostly AstraZeneca agreed to pay $520 million last yr to settle suits pertaining to clinical trials and unlawful Seroquel advertising and marketing. The AJP report on the CAFE study additionally includes this questionable statement: that two suicides occurred within the CAFE examine “regardless of the close attention supplied in clinical aftercare programs.” As I hope my article has made clear, there was no such “close consideration” offered to Dan Markingson, or else he would nonetheless be alive. The House handed a invoice that may ban corporate execs from doing business with Medicare and Medicaid if their companies were convicted of fraud (but we have already got the legal guidelines that will ban companies from medicare and Medicaid that have by no means been enforced). All of these are instruments that federal investigators say corporations have used to exaggerate advantages, play down dangers and promote off-label uses, meaning these the F.D.A. Since 2005, the US Attorney in Phildelphia wa pursuing civil and criminal investigations into off-label advertising and marketing and elevated its reserves to cowl civil claims regarding the Trileptal investigations to $397 million (see this).

Documents produced in latest litigation and in Congressional investigations present that some leading academic medical doctors have worked closely with corporate benefactors to broaden using antipsychotics. Yet current authorities warnings say the medication could also be fatal to some older patients and have unknown effects on children. It causes extra weight acquire than most, and causes profound sedation, which generally is a optimistic for some patients but a unfavorable for a lot of. My guess is that Dr. Lieberman or one in every of the opposite investigators brought up the idea of including a standard and that it was shot down by anyone with AZ, more than likely on the grounds that it would be too exhausting to recruit sufficient patients to populate a fourth arm of the trial. Hmmm, I suppose Ms Weiss called you on her interpretation of this weblog posting. Guess what? checked with Pubmed and that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Elliott mentioned he’s been astonished by how few people at the U of M have bothered to examine too carefully the university’s position within the Markingson case. I’ll just cherry decide a number of of the highlights and you’ll go read this lengthy article for your self. I really haven’t got far more to say, since this article speaks volumes. But even when this examine have been completely designed, the moral lapses raised in Dr. Elliott’s article would nonetheless be far past appalling. What it does highlight with disturbing clarity, is how far and what lengths Big Pharma will go to market their product to make money. Not that Seroquel wanted a lift; its $4.9 billion in sales in 2009 signals usage far beyond the 1 p.c of the population with schizophrenia and the 2.5 percent with bipolar disorder. Most lately, in December, Seroquel was quietly authorized for kids between the ages of 10 and 17 who’re diagnosed with bipolar mania and kids between thirteen and 17 with schizophrenia.